While writing for television has been an incredibly fulfilling career for Kunerth, most writers know that there are still many creative limitations. Broadcast and cable networks mandate time and content restrictions, forcing the writer to bend his original idea to fit a particular corporate brand. That corporate branding leads to a familiar set of notes on any given show, from any given executive, on any given script: “It needs to be shorter… or longer… or edgier… or more family-friendly.” And what TV writer hasn’t received a note similar to this: “We love that the main character is abrasive and brash, but could he not be those things?” Yes, that happens. A lot.

Another reality is that not every idea is best-suited for television. Some characters and worlds need to live elsewhere… like in a movie… or a short story… or an essay. To get the most out of an idea, it has to have the right ‘home.’ Kunerth has found a new home for some of his ideas in the world of short filmmaking and digital web series. Both allow him to produce some of his previously-homeless notions with complete creative autonomy.

“The Girlfriend Experience”


When a broken-hearted guy turns to the internet to get over his ex-girlfriend, he gets more than he bargained for.

Behind The Scenes


“A Girl in a Bra, A Guy in Boxers”

Behind The Scenes

“Reversal of Fortune”