Farmboy Productions is an entertainment company founded in 2001 by Mark Kunerth, an acclaimed television writer, producer, and filmmaker.

Born and raised on a Minnesota corn and soybean farm, Kunerth spent his days longing for an escape from the rural glamor of shoveling hog manure, plowing cornfields, and butchering animals that would later end up on the family dinner table.  As a kid, his only reprieve was evenings in front of the television, watching his favorite movies and TV shows.

After college, Kunerth needed an exit plan.  So, with a few hundred dollars in his pocket, he packed up whatever fits into his Mazda MX-3 and moved west to pursue a career in television.  With no prestigious film school degree and no family members in the biz, Kunerth started at the bottom; running scripts around town, fetching food for writers and actors, and spending nights writing his own material that would one day lead to his first professional writing job and launch his career.

Kunerth is now a 25-year TV comedy veteran, having written for such memorable and award-winning shows as “Friends,” “The Big C,” and “About A Boy.” His work has earned Emmy, Golden Globe and People’s Choice nominations and wins. He lives in Malibu, California, and
continues to develop new TV show ideas, short films and screenplays.